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    E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)



(EVP) Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the direct contact/ communication with the spirit world through tape recorders, telephone, radio, and computers.

To hear more EVPs captured from our Paranormal Investigations, be sure to visit our INVESTIGATIONS PAGE.

Note: When using the control panel for these EVP's be sure to hit the stop button after each listen. This will re-set the EVP for you.

EVP Control   Description
These EVP's are from our home during EVP sessions when we were contacting our own loved ones.
This one is Debby's dad who passed on some 13 years ago saying "Alicia". My daughter's name is Alyssa (his granddaughter).
  "I love you, Pat"
Debby's Dad comes through again, this time on her Mom Pat's birthday. He say's to his wife "I love you, Pat". (Needless to say Pat is now, a believer!)
EVP Control   Description
The following are various EVP's from our personal collection.
  Mark & Debby's Cell Phone Message
You can hear a British lady say "Talk to us". This message was received on Debby's cell phone the morning of a Paranormal Conference.
  "Look in the back"
We were on our front porch recording and asked "how can we hear you clearer"? Their response was "Look in the back." As we write this our backyard is only dirt and sagebrush, but the plan now is to landscape it in the spring so we can record back there. Spirit is obviously telling us something. Is there a portal in our backyard? We will let you know how it goes next spring!
  "We found everyone"
This one was recorded in our bedroom.
  "Ghost, I am dead"
This was on Christmas Day 2004. Our oldest daughter was trying to see if anyone wanted to make contact. You hear an annoyed spirit say "Ghost, I am dead!"
  "I don't know"
This is one of our 1st evp. I ask a question about something he obviously doesn't know the answer to, and he say's "I don't know." Makes sense.
  "Patrick Furlow"
This evp was received in our laundry room. (You can hear the washing machine in the background). This spirit voice has become a familiar one to us as he visits us often. This was the very 1st time he made contact, giving us his name "Patrick Furlow."
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